About Nuit Belge

Nuit Belge will be on a hiatus in 2020, but may return to New Orleans in the summer. Stay tuned for more information.

A taste of two cities!

Each “Belgian Night” will highlight a dozen of the top restaurants from two hot food cities. Each chef will be presented with two beers and will create purposeful “pairings” for both. Each kitchen will present these distinctive interpretations of bites and beer at Nuit Belge. Patrons can enjoy the pairings or either of its components

Perks of the show

As we’ve said, beer goes well with everything. So, to round off the evenings’ fare, patrons will enjoy chocolate, cheese and oyster bars to balance the palate. New for 2019 guests can enjoy hot and cold coffee from Intelligentsia Coffee, or wrap up the evening with The Underberg Nitecap. All in one room.


Patrons receive custom glassware along with a guide to the selections. Once inside, guests are welcome to walk the room and enjoy unlimited bites and pours.

Why beer?

To many Americans, beer is a low-brow beverage undeserving of a place in fine dining. Our Belgian friends would disagree and have centuries of culinary tradition that includes beer. There is no food that cannot be paired with beer, if you know what beer to choose. Nuit Belge is a showcase of exemplary pairings. Beer has unlimited flavors and textures with which to work. Brewers have long had food in mind as they work their craft. And what the French do with wine, the Belgians do with beer.

About Rhizome Productions

Rhizome Productions is an event production company, based in Nashville. We conceive and produce craft beer, spirits, & food events with a focus on education and a passion for community. Leveraging our ties to the culinary, brewing, and hospitality industries, we create events that bring aficionados closer to the masters of their craft. We operate 15-18 events per year in cities across the Southeast, including Nashville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Charleston.

All Rhizome events are mutually beneficial, and since 2011 we have raised over a half a million dollars for local charities.