Flanders Red

Flanders Red is indigenous to the Dutch-speaking region of West Flanders on the Belgium-Netherlands border, and its best known example is Rodenbach. The “Burgundy of Belgium” is more like wine than beer and pours a deep red color. This red wine-like beer is sour and fruity and with a tannic, dry finish. Drinkers may perceive flavors of cherries, plums and red currants, balanced with toasty malts and an acidic bite. The tart acetic acid reminds one of vinegar but should be restrained and not overly vinegar-like, and the fruit should be prominent. Flanders Red is aged for up to two years in large oak foeders, the same vessels wine is aged in. Master blenders then blend beer of various ages to create the perfect Flanders Red. Flanders Red is about 5-6% ABV.