Geuze is a blend of 1, 2 and 3 year-old Lambics aged in oak barrels and foeders (say “food-ers”). Belgians pronounce it like “gur-zah” but most Americans simple say “goo-zeh” or “gooze.” Geuze is light-bodied, highly carbonated, with a crisp, tart finish. The young Lambic still has sugar to ferment, while the mature Lambic shows the wild character of the Brettanomyces yeast from the Senne River valley. When carefully blended by hand, the character of the finished Gueuze is complex, sour and delicious. Some are sweetened with sugar or saccharin, be sure to look for “Oud GeUze” or “Ville Geuze” to ensure you get a traditional unsweetened version. Geuze has a wide range of alcohol content with ABV from 5-8%.